At the age of 8, I discovered my love for design on an old Macintosh desktop. Armed with MacPaint, I brought my imaginative visions to life, designing, printing, and selling my "art" door-to-door. Very grateful to all the kind neighbors who paid 25 cents for my work and helped my early entrepreneurial spirit ignite a lifelong passion for creativity.
My journey from a young entrepreneur to a Lead Designer has been a vibrant exploration of creativity. In my 17-year career, I’ve elevated brands and crafted visual experience in industries such as Sports, Entertainment, SaaS, Tech Startups, and Fashion.
I have a deep passion for strategic design. My expertise lies in leveraging these skills to transform brands and elevate their presence across various platforms. I'm dedicated to cultivating innovative strategies that resonate with both emerging and established brands, always striving for creative excellence in every interaction. Whether working with individuals or businesses, my goal is to visually articulate their solutions, services, and overall identity.
Thank you for stopping by and learning more about me! I'm always open to connecting and exploring new opportunities. Let's create! 
Mana Alison
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